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Anytime Garage Door Repair Greenville SC

How Soon Can I Book a Service ? / ¿Qué tan pronto puedo reservar un servicio?

If its an Emergency Service you can call us at : (864)251-6997 , if you wish to speak in SPANISH call : (864)479-4588 Español

Si es una Emergencia y desea hablar en ESPAÑOL llamar (864)479-4588

You can Book Online throw our Online Booking System .

How to Book Online?

click on this link choose a time slot when you want us to show up in your house .

wait for the confirmation call from us and you are all set.

Garage Door Opener: BELT VS CHAIN which one is better?
How do I know what kind of Garage Door Spring I have?
Why won’t my garage door open or close?

Couple of things to ahead and check :

  1. Cables are not tangled around bar , if so give a call to your local garage door company .
  2. nothing in the way of the eye sensors . if so look for the lights of the sensors .
  3. the door can operate manually.
  4. if the opener is plugged to the outlet .
  5. if the breaker is on .
Why is my electric garage door not opening?

look just above the garage door and see if the Torsion spring is complete and not in 2 pieces and broken , if you do not have torsion spring you might have extension springs , if they are complete or in 2 pieces .

What do you do if your garage door won’t open?

Try to pull down the red cord and see if the door works manually if so see what’s with the opener, is it plugged in? is it working ? is it moving or Responding at all ? if you cannot figure out . just give a call to your local garage door company .